Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Catapult from Printable Scenery

A friend of a friend had an opportunity to print this catapult from Printable Scenery for me. He’s got a ‘slightly’ better printer than me, but it cost around half a million SEK (or £/€ 50 000) so it should be :)
I got the stl-file for this single-piece model from a kickstarter a while ago, but if you want one yourself it is possible to get the the file either as a single file or as a part of a siege-engine bundle (that is presently on sale).  
Even though it comes as a single-piece print I had to repair it, and reposition the lever, as my pal had mistakenly parked a heavy suitcase on it. The single-piece was in three pieces when I got it, and that proved to be one piece short of what was needed. To make matters worse, the missing piece was small and made of a clear translucent plastic... It was eventually found in the bottom of a backpack.

Anyway, here’s the finished catapult. Amazing detail and no sign of it being a printed piece.
Welcome new follower Idle Doodler!

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – DRAGONLOCK 3: Dangerous Lairs

This, Dragonlock 3, is already a wildly successful kickstarter, and there’s a reason for that - it looks great.
There’s a wide variety of stuff for your miniatures gaming here.
Is fantasy or SF your thing? If it is then this is well worth a look!
Will I back it? Well, no. Mostly because I’m heavily into the OPENLock system and this Dragonlock-system seem to be not compatible. But I’m tempted… the Dwarven stuff and the mines look so good.
This KS ends on October 25th 2017.

All photos and illustrations © Fat Dragon Games and used with permission

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – more 3D printable ships and accessories

ESLO is at it again with more ships. Their last ship-inspired kickstarter had just ended when the new one stuck; this time we see modern ships mixed with some older types.
If you buy one of the multi-ship-pledges there is an opportunity to exchange ships from this kickstarter with some equivalent types from the earlier one, a great opportunity to mix and match to suit your needs.
I backed the earlier KS for a longboat and received that a while ago. Even though I haven’t printed it yet, the file looks good and it is certainly a model that will hit the printer. So, I think these are well worth the investment if ships are your thing.
Quite a lot of stretch-goals are already unlocked, mostly details for the ships but a modular landing stage is very close.
This KS ends on October 26th 2017.

All photos and illustrations © ESLO and used with permission

Monday, 9 October 2017

Frogmen from Reaper

More Reaper Bones figures, this time in the form of frogmen, or squogs as Reaper calls them.
Two Squog Warriors and Mudcroak, Squog Shaman.

These will come in handy in adventures in misty rainforests, and I have hope of using them in Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago and maybe even pulp adventures.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Printable spaceship miniatures

If you’re an aspiring spaceship commander then this, Printable spaceship miniatures STL file pack for gaming, is for you, as it presents us with a bunch of very cool spaceships just waiting to be made on a 3D-printer near you.
Printed spaceships
They seem to be scaled at about 7cm apiece, but that can of course be scaled up or down quite a bit when you print.
Pledges range from CA$ 5 for a single model, to CA$ 39 for all the 11 models + stretchgoals.
An interesting project as it gives you something other than the usual terrain. Well worth a look!
It ends on October 23 2017.
All photos and illustrations © Project Mobius and used with permission

Thursday, 5 October 2017

Werebears from WotC and Reaper

Here are two werebears for the collection.
The first one is Reaper Bones. Really nice mini with a slightly aloof stance. Few mould-lines and easy to prepare.
The second one is from WotC’s Chainmail game that lived for a year or so until it died some ten years ago. I traded this one, the Werebear Trooper, and an Ogre Penitent, for a bunch of other minis a while ago. A real find as I’ve been on lookout for both for a long time indeed.
There was a bit more cleaning on this as it is metal, but really not much.

Very satisfied with these.

Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Kickstarter Watch – Terrain for 6 and 15mm wargames – WWII West Front

I mainly game in 20 and 28mm, even if I have dabbled in 6mm WWII Desert War. That means this kickstarter isn’t aimed for me, but I still think it looks really interesting and well worth a look if gaming in between 6 and 15 mm is your thing.
This is the first kickstarter from Eskice Miniature and they have chosen scales that we normally don’t see in much of 3D-printing kickstarters, which is very smart from a business standpoint. 
For €10 you’ll receive the whole town, in this case 11 files for 11 buildings, either intact or ruined.
The excellent thing about 3D-printing is that you can mirror these so you’ll get even more variation.  €20 will give you all the files, both intact and ruined houses. Add to this the usual stretch-goals.
For those of you without printers there is a possibility to buy physical copies of the buildings in separate pledges.
All in all, I think these look really promising and it will be interesting to see where this kickstarter goes and what Eskice Miniature will do next.
Speaking of what they will do next; this is a sneak-peek on their next project, courtesy of Aron of Eskice Miniature.
As always when you buy stl-files, it is important to remember that you buy them for your own use and don’t share them. We should all want these small companies to survive and thrive, so that they can continue to give us more stuff to drool over.
This KS ends on October 24 2017.

All photos and illustrations  © Eskice Miniature and used with permission